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Good news/bad news, ladyfans: the girlfriend situation in last night's episode was unfortunately minimal. In brighter news, Pretty Little Liars comes back January 2!
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Good news, ladyfans: Pretty Little Liars returns for its second season next week! With that in mind, and knowing that it has been several months since our last update, I have some questions for you regarding future updates:

1. Is the current update method - episode edit posted a day or so after the episode airs, and then a larger arc amalgam posted later - a good one? Is there a better way?

2. As some more summer shows get started, would there be interest in not-necessarily-girlfriends-ladyedits (e.g. Vampire Jessica's storylines from True Blood)? I know there are folks who have expressed interest in her character, but don't want to get involved in watching True Blood's True Blood.
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"Lady Edits", noun phrase: the colloquial term for what happens when you remove the extraneous pieces of a show from its plots related to ladies datin' ladies

With a burgeoning archive on my hands at this point, I thought it best to have an actual, you know, archival location for those materials, AND HERE WE ARE.

I'll create a masterlist for existing lady edits, and posts for new episodes (currently just Pretty Little Liars), but I'd prefer to keep them locked for now.

Ladies? Ladies!

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